As a Regions agent you will find we have a multi-layered approach to help you succeed!

When you first join Regions our team ensures that you are credentialed with specific carriers tailored to your initial interests and individual needs.

Whether you are predominantly a health or life agent wanting to expand your book of business or new to the industry, Regions provides a turn-key solution to all of you and your clients’ needs. Regions has strategically aligned ourselves with top products that provide financial peace of mind to your consumers and industry leaders that you can be proud of!

  • Our fully staffed In-House sales support force of licensed agents support weekly training webinars that vary from the newest sales techniques shared by our own top producers to product training ensuring your knowledge is up to date in real time. One on one sales support is readily available to ensure your success.
  • Regions lead program offers our Agents participation in an exclusive, pre-qualified lead program. Our fully owned and operated Regions Tele-Service marketing staff specializes in reaching out to the Self Employed and Small business community year round.
  • Throughout the year we work with Individuals and their families providing them financial equanimity with our “Life with Living Benefits” program.
  • Our Medicare Advantage and Supplemental plans with Florida Blue help to add even more to our portfolio with over 15,000 individuals turning 65 each day in the United States.

Our strength in Carrier relationships, In-House sales support staff of Licensed Agents and team of full time administrators make us not only the fastest growing FMO in Florida and New England, but a company you as an agent can rely on growing with in an ever changing industry. We constantly stay ahead of the game. Why shouldn’t you?

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