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Joe Gandy is RHG’s new Creative Director.  Joe does great work and he can work with you on any type of customized advertising, marketing, table cloths, etc. you may need help with.   As an example, our store manager in Ft. Pierce, Gerald Koziel, worked with Joe to construct an ad he can use in the local newspaper and other collateral.                                                              


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We are hopeful we will generate a lot of leads from this campaign as well educate the local consumers about the Compass Health brand which will help drive traffic into our stores.


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We also are staffing up our Telemarketing Room now that OE is behind us.  Rebecca Register is now managing the room and doing a terrific job.  We are adding staff each week.  As an RHG or CH agent, you can order exclusive tele marketed leads for just $10 each!   The leads we are producing right now reach out to self-employed and small business owners.  We have just made application for our Telemarketing Consumer licenses which will allow us to contact individual consumers who are not on the ‘do not call’ list.


Right now, we are producing the following leads types:


  • Health, ACA QLE’s and Foundation Plan
  • Life w/ Living Benefits
  • Disability (Assurity Century and Combined SickPay Plus)


Once we receive our Individual License from the state of Florida, we will be adding the following lead types:


  • Turning Age 65 Medicare
  • Mortgage Term


There are a lot of ways you can generate business year-round with no ceiling on your earning potential.  So, what are you doing to market your business?