Regions Health Group Lead Services

leads2Tired of paying too much for generic leads that you share with competitors?

As a Regions producer, you will appreciate the benefits of participating in our exclusive, “Regions only” high quality leads program!

Our In-House professional lead generation group uses “state-of-the-art” technology to deliver you high value prospects interested in the products you sell!

  1. Company owned Telemarketing Facility with the capability to genereate exclusive leads tailored to your market
  2. Customized scripts for health, life and ancillary leads tailored to you and your region
  3. Leads will be exclusively for your use!
  4. Leads delivered via email on a daily basis as orders are completed
  5. Orders made by credit card using PayPal on our Agent Billing site which is both fast and convenient for you!

Let Regions Health Group Lead Services do your prospecting so you can spend your time making sales!

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